Hobbledehoo 2 Active Childs Harness – Improved strength and stitching


  • Front and rear grab handles to catch then when they stumble or to pick them up when they fall.
  • Easy adjustablility with clips around the chest. Quick release straps over shoulders that extend over helmets for ease of getting on and off.
  • Twin clipped detachable safety leash for using when close restraint is required. Leash extends to a single handle to hold.
  • High visibility reflective shoulder stripes and rear logo for dusk hours and low visibility occasions.
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New and improved Hobbledehoo 2 – arrived July 2018.

You gave us feedback on the original harness and we listened. So we have updated the Hobbledehoo and made some great improvements. The stitching has been reinforced and the finish and quality of the harness has been massively improved. Other than that we haven’t change the concept at all!

The Hobbledehoo Active Kids Harness provides a suitable harness for holding, grabbing or picking up your child for full control over your active little ones, Ideal for ages 1-6 years.
Tried and tested on toddlers wearing wetsuits while around water for a safe and secure grab handle (have you ever tried to catch a slippery, wriggly child in a wetsuit?). Gives peace of mind when they are jumping in the small waves near your feet as you can easily grab hold and take control if they slip over, which they will, again and again!
Used daily while out walking as toddlers trip and stumble over every small thing but must be independent and walk on their own. Use while travelling on public transport; especially on the London Underground system as it allows the child to walk independently but you have full control to keep them upright at the speed of the flowing traffic even up and down the stairs and knowing they cannot fall, trip or stumble to the floor or near a train.
Childs Ski Harness
Ideal for skiing as on ski lifts you have full, secure control of a child without having a handful of clothing.

The best thing about the design of the harness is the height of the double handles; most adults can have their fingers around the rear handle with little stooping or bending, continue walking with the child but the slightest stumble or trip can be caught before they hit the floor. If they do reach the floor, picking them up is so much easier as you don’t have to stoop down all the way to put hands under the arms and pick them up, you just lift the rear handle and with its height the child’s legs naturally fall back to the floor and they just drop onto their feet. Much quicker, simpler and a lot less demanding on an adults back!

Additional information

Weight 0.31 kg

0.312 kg
The leash is 1.2m fully extended from the child to the tip as this is the maximum allowed to obtain the British standard BS EN 13210 standard for the safety requirements of Children’s harnesses and reins.


The chest straps can extend to make the harness 13″ flat width comfortably so could say that it will fit up to a 26″ chest easily, possibly 28″. There should be no issue with the shoulder straps as it extends enough to fit over a helmet.
The weight is tested to 120N so should withstand up to a 6 year old.
Our returns policy is very good, if you try it on carefully and it doesn’t fit then happily return it to us and we will refund you as long as it is in the same condition as you would expect to receive it yourself.

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  1. customer

    We’re really Pleased with this harness. We have a disabled little girl who cannot stand or walk unaided. We were looking for something to support her without having to hold her all the time. It is such a delight for us to put her in this harness we have to hold her in the harness tightly but she steps out with obvious delight for herself and us. We are hoping that in time she will gain confidence and walk unaided. Thanks very much we are really happy with your product

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