Grab Handles

27th May 2016

The Hobbledehoo Active Harness has the novel features of front and rear grab handles. This is a soft, flexible, flat rubber handle on webbing that will easily fit a gloved adult hand through.

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We designed it front and back so you can pick up your active one, whichever way they land.

The handle on the rear is at a lovely height just below their shoulder blades which will allow most adults to have their fingers through without stooping too much, a great relief on your back. The rear handle also makes it ideal for keeping a child upright on stairs as they will often try and keep up with the flow of the traffic, manage about 5 stairs and then stumble or trip. With the Hobbledehoo Harness you can catch their weight while still walking on the stairs and drop them onto their feet again without missing a beat, so much easier on busy public stairwells.

In skiing the handles aid a swift pick-up and help with that inevitable untangle of legs.

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