Top 10 Tips for skiing with Children

Top 10 tips for Skiing with Children:

  1. Hobbledehoo Active Childs Harness

    The brand new harness available for the 2016/2017 season which has a grab handle front and back to assist with picking up of little ones or for chair lift safety as they get a bit older. At £30 it is a great investment for a few years of wearing as it fits from 1 to 7 years. Buy Now.

  2. Have the right Clothing

    Having tried so many different brands of clothing I love the Swedish make Polarn O Pyret. They know how to make a lovely, yet practical range of snow wear that for early years comes as an all-in-one suit to separate jackets and pants for older ones. Be careful though as the sizing is a little strange. They class the sizing on the height of the child with an age reference but my 3 year old was in the 92cm / 1.5-2 years suit so I would suggest going a size down. I find the all-in-ones great for up to 4 years but a bit older you want to take a jacket off when stopping in a restaurant so started to opt for the 2 pieces. At £70-£100 personally I prefer E-bay – I pay up to £60 use it on my two children (one then straight to the other) and then sell on for £40-£50.

  3. Rucksack – Day Bag

    Rucksack / day bag with pockets and particularly one of the new ones with special clip attachments for carrying children’s skis! I have a Wed’ze (pronounced Weezer) one from Decathlon for about £20 and I can clip both childrens skis on either side and have my hands free to hold theirs on the big cable car lifts or when walking home at the end of the day.

  4. Snacks and drinks

    We have found that mountain food is fairly reasonable especially the fast food type restaurants but the drinks tend to double the bill. Take water in bottles for sipping throughout the day and small snacks that are easy to nibble on the lifts or sitting on the slope – fun sized chocolate bars are ideal for this.

  5. Spare Hat

    Hats for yourself and children. As everyone wears helmets these days you need to remember to carry a hat to wear when stopping for lunch outside or at the end of the day when the children especially want to take theirs off.

  6. Spare Gloves

    One spare pair of gloves. No matter how vigilant you are over the children there can be one glove lost at lunchtime or dropped on a lift at some point over the week. ands and gloves aHands and gloves are also the first thing to get wet and cold so having handwarmers and a dry spare pair will help keen the day going longer.

  7. Bin Bag

    A Bin bag for sitting on. There will always be a moment or two through the day when a sitting rest is needed, often when aforementioned chocolate snack is eaten. Always have a quickly accessible bin bag to sit on or rest your bag on because the cold and wet does come through salopettes quite easily.

  8. First Aid – Sticky Tape

    Minimal first aid is required as you are never far from a professional on pisted runs but often useful to carry some cohesive rip or Zinc Oxide P tape (ensure its hand tearable!) that can be used to secure or hold a multitude of things together- Broken boots, poles, ripped gloves or trousers, can even be used to tape a hand or arm around the chest as a splint/sling or tape two legs together with poles as a leg splint in emergencies. Take a look at our partner

  9. 3 x Foil Blankets

    3 foil blankets – one to lie on, one to cover the person and a third to wave about to attract immediate attention.

  10. Heavy Duty Plastic Bag

    Heavy duty plastic bag as you can fill this with snow, wrap some tape around the top and voila, instant ice pack for any sprains, strains or bruises.