Chair Lifts using Hobbledehoo Harness

Skiing with children is a whole different way of skiing. The Hobbledehoo Active Childs Harness for skiing aids to resolve some of those issues.
If you have hold of them using the harness handle or detachable leash then you feel so safe. When you let them go your heart is in your mouth for the majority of time, you have to trust them and let them figure it all out for themselves. They can lose their balance but still recover in a feat of gymnastics most adults look upon with awe. Until now any attempt of using a button lift or chair lift with a youngster was like dicing with death. They look all around, they shuffle on their seat, they mess around with their gloves, they follow a skier below under the lift and then turn around to watch them go…..all the while you are panicking about them sliding underneath that bar and falling. With the Hobbledehoo Harness this worry is no more, they can sit next to you (you can even have one either side of you) and you can lightly hold the rear handle without them realising they are now completely safe in your hands.

The second issue with children on a chair lift is getting off at the end, especially on those fast 6/8 man chairs in peak times where there is people everywhere and getting off safety and out the way is imperative. So many times children have got off the chair carefully, so not to fall over and take their time snow ploughing down the ramp to then get swallowed up or even taken out by the next group dismounting behind them. With the Hobbledehoo Harness you make this situation a million times easier, again using the rear handle you can lift them off the seat, drop them onto the floor while moving off safety and guide them at your speed out of harms way.

This video shows how easy the harness make this situation with a 3 and 4 year old.